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Welcome to ICLS

—›Factory-Direct Rep for KRDs manufactured by Ultra Security and sold to BEST and distributors across the country.

ICLS [Interchangeable Core Lock Systems] Global is the primary source for Interchangeable Core products and is the International Distributor of  Interchangeable Core Security Products, IC Key Retainer Devices (KRDs) and IC Servicing Tools - engineered and manufactured with quality and security as our main focus. ICLS is, and has been, the factory-direct distributor for Ultra Security with the lowest end-user prices for over a decade. ICLS primarily services intuitional, commercial, industrial and government accounts nationwide.

Our IC Tools & IC Key Retainer Devices [KRDs], all American-made, are fresh, simple, yet innovative  top-quality servicing tools. Intended for the the locksmith, security personnel and various end-users, these items have been carefully crafted to meet the rising need for quality cost-effectiveness, security and productivity within the workplace. And, with global security a paramount concern, ICLS has risen to the occasion by offering a variety of products and tools that have now become industry standards and "must-haves" for both small and large companies, as well as qualified individuals, throughout the world.  We have proudly supplied these quality tools , locks and products to the U.S. Government, the U.S. Military, as well as to colleges/universities, commercial, industrial, institutional and retail businesses throughout the country. Manufactured by Ultra Security, ICLS has been their oldest and most prominent full-line distributor for over a 12 years!

ICLS, owned and operated by William M. Lynk, CML, CPS, ICML, M.Ed., has attained a global presence through providing international lock manufacturers with interchangeable core technical manuals, as well as security-conscious institutions with IC Key Retainer Devices, tools and interchangeable cores made right here in the USA. Find Out more >

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