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Hockey Puck


Hockey Puck for SFIC

The Ultra High Protection hockey puck for SFIC accepts all manufacturers' small format interchangeable cores, including: BEST, Falcon, Arrow, Schlage, ULTRA, Medeco KeyMark, KSP, Yale KeyMark, Master, ILCO, Sargent, etc. Its' part number is: UHP-SFIC [formerly UHP-IC] It weighs 2.5 pounds, is chrome plated and comes custom finished. An attachment chain is also available.


Used especially by utility companies and the U.S. Government for securing exterior areas, the UHP-IC has NO exposed shackle to attack or cut. Also, a machined dimple in the ULTRA Core excludes unauthorized core removal. The UHP-IC contains a hardened pin to deter control lug point drilling.


Until about six years ago a majority of all standard American 2000 hockey pucks were (to reduce cost) made of an unhardened metal. The current UHP-SFIC is constructed from a special alloy (used for automotive camshafts and prison bars) which is case hardened to a depth of 1/16" while still maintaining a ductile core so it will NOT shatter. The UHP-SFIC is extremely difficult to drill into, saw into or file.


The UHP-SFIC is designed to a non-standard diameter. It contains two locking pins that are solid hardened dowel pins...NOT spring roll pins. And, because the UHP-SFIC layout is not standard, tools attempting to defeat standard hockey pucks will not work.


All UHP-SFICs (beginning with the initial working prototype) have had ball bearings installed for drill resistance before the two locking pins are pressed in. The UHP-SFIC utilizes a sleeve, which also has a hardened, drill resistant pin protecting the control lug. Also, the retainer screw has been strategically placed in a non-standard location. In addition, the shackle is attached to the throw member with a stainless steel roll pin.


This is why major utility companies and leading corporations around the country requiring exterior security are currently using the UHP-SFIC.




hockey puck SFIC UHP-SFIC....................... $74.00 


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