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Part # QPT & QPP

QU-I.C-PREAM (silver in photo) QPT............... $49.00


The QU-I.C-PREAM allows you to pre-ream the top of your core chambers.  This allows those feisty #4B top pins to drop right into the core.  This dual sided tool also includes a convenient ejector rod.



QU-I.C-POWER PREAMER (black in photo) QPP............... $38.00


The QU-I.C-Power Preamer attaches to any hand held screw driver and allows you to pre-ream your cores assembly line fashion.   We found this tool works well when used with the Milwaukee screwdriver on high speed  = 400 r.p.m. Remember: You are not trying to countersink the heads of flathead screws – just trying to remove the slight burr to create a funnel like effect.



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