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ICLS [Interchangeable Core Lock Systems]

18640 Mack Avenue, #004

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI  48236


* Telephone: (313) 884-9800 [ Land line, not a cell ]

* E-Mail:


Web: * Contact: William M. Lynk, CML, CPS - Don't let the technical mysteries of creating a website stop you! Establishing a website's domain name and securing server space is easier than you think. If safety, reliability and affordability are important considerations, then visit:, or click the link below:

Real-Locksmiths! - Make sure the locksmiths you use are REAL and not scammers! ICLS Global is proud to support this effort. Click below for the list:

Real-Locksmiths List

LAB  Pins LAB offers a super Institutional Pin Kit for BEST original  pins. Also available are a variety of high quality locksmith tools & supplies. If you are a locksmith, please contact LAB at, or click on the logo below:


A.L.O.A.  (Associated Locksmiths of America) – This is the web site  of the organization that educates, certifies locksmiths and pushes for national standards. It is also very in-tune with  legislative issues relating to locksmithing and the security industry.  Click the logo below:




Locksmith Security Association (LSA) - The première association in the Northeast for locksmiths,  security professionals, distributors, manufacturers & manufacturer reps.   You can visit their site at



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