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Ultra Core



Manufactured in the USA by BEST, the Ultra Core is one of the most unique premium small format interchangeable cores available today. Each core has the "QU-I.C-MARK" groove which allows you to use a  21st Century, state-of-the-art computerized desktop thermal labeling system designed especially for the I-Core Lock Specialist, as well as those who combinate I-Cores in high-volume. Labels with hand-written IDs can also be effectively used.


The versatile "ULTRA CORE" WITH THE  "QU-I.C-MARK " Groove, offers much more than any other core.

Note: Prices current as of 02/07/22:


UC-7 ............................... $1,850.00 (per 50 ct.)

> Sold in quantities of 50 only - $37.00 each

> Keyways Available: D, E, F, M and TA only

> 7-pin configuration

> Existing Customer Re-Order

> Lead Time: 6-8 weeks


  • Labels are easy to custom print and apply, making this procedure much more cost effective.
  • A small, simple to operate desktop printer is all that is necessary.
  • Labels are easily removed when recombinating. No need to file off, grind off or "X" out (with additional useless stamping) the previous core mark.
  • No damage to this precisely made mechanical locking mechanism which can occur when beating with metal stamps. Crushing and binding are eliminated.
  • Much safer than stamping with a hammer and stamp set. No ear and eye protection is necessary and stamps never become dangerous projectiles. 
  • Note: DO NOT metal stamp in the flat, recessed "QU-I.C-MARK" groove area. This is only to be used for labels. Should you insist on old-fashioned metal stamping (which was used in the last century) these cores will accept your beating in the normal rounded area above the locking lug on the left (active) side of the core.
  • It is "Preamed" which stands for Pre-reamed. You’ll notice that the pin chamber holes have been slightly reamed
  • Preaming removes all nicks and burrs from the pin chamber openings. This makes it much easier to insert pin segments like those @/#!:$-ing 4B’s. Our unique "funnel feature" minimizes jamming so pin segments drop in with no forcing. You’ll find that when capping, the caps will press in smoother with less burring at the top of the core. Should you find it necessary to eject pins from a chamber, you’ll also experience less burring.
  • Making life a little safer…one core at a time - STOP Core Abuse!


"QU-I.C-MARK" PRINTER SYSTEM - Available through Brady Printers DIRECTLY from the manufacturer.

New Brady printers available from Connex-Electronics, now going by On-line Electronics,Inc




Contact information for On-line Electronics - 



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