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For the first time ever, Home Core Security Products, a division of ICLSglobal, is offering exclusive interchangeable core locking products to you...the security-minded upscale residential homeowner, apartment manager or rental property owner. For over 80 years, Interchangeable Core (IC) locking products have only been available for retail stores, banks, colleges, universities, hospitals, government offices and other commercial and institutional venues. Cores can be used in deadbolts, padlocks, mortise locks, entry locksets, cam locks, key-in-knob locks, cabinet locks, sliding door locks, electric switch locks, key retainer devices and other locking hardware designed to accept interchangeable cores. This locking system provides a higher degree of security, keying options and flexibility than most residential key systems could ever offer. Finally, higher security and convenience has reached the residential market!

Now, each premium IC locking product sold to homeowners by HCSP is completely guaranteed and serviced by a trained, Certified Master Locksmith. All keys are composed of a durable nickel-silver alloy and are all factory originals, not duplicates. Because these are high-quality, secure locking devices, the pricing is significantly higher than most residential locks on the retail market; however, once the hardware is installed, lock (core) changes can take place by the property owner, homeowner (or their agent) in less than 10 seconds per lock! That is a godsend in cases of emergency, landlord-tenant disputes and various legal and life-safety issues, as well as for everyday uses such as a maid's key, a babysitter, contractor or a temporary visitor.

HCSP continues to supply the market with readily recognizable world-renowned brands such as: Arrow, Yale, Best, Medeco, Scorpion, KSP, Ultra, Falcon, Master, Abus, Wilson Bohannon, CalRoyal, PLS and Sargent. We also provide complete instructions for installation, or, we can refer you to a qualified local locksmith for personalized installation. With the world of high-quality, secure and dependable home IC locking products at your fingertips, why choose less? Click here for Products/Pricing...

What Is an IC [Interchangeable Core]?

keyMany apartment managers and homeowners are not familiar with interchangeable core (IC) locks. And, that's easily understood, as ICs have been used primarily in settings such as banks, government, retail stores and facilities that require a higher standard of locking security. Sadly, most residential locks are easily picked open and offer very little true physical security. "Bumping" is another technique that allows unauthorized individuals access to locks that are weak in structure and are especially easy targets within traditional residential homes, apartments and rental properties. Thus, ICLS Global is now offering our premium IC products to the landlord or homeowner who has a real desire for better residential security.

An IC is a self-contained locking mechanism that can be quickly removed from it's housing with the correct control key. Lock changes can happen literally in seconds by the average person. That is why they have been used continuously over the past 80 years in colleges/universities, federal offices, apartment building and in large complexes across the country. Isn't a few extra dollars worth protecting your most valuable asset...your life & property?

Why use an IC lock system on your property? 

PackageBAn IC (interchangeable core) lock system allows the landlord or homeowner to be able to quickly change the apartment or house lock in 10 seconds or less without having to call anyone! The secret is in the commercial self-contained core that can be changed with no tools other than the special control key. Once the cost-effective IC hardware is in place, lock changes are fast and easy. Retrofitting a standard deadbolt lock with an IC deadbolt can be done in a matter of minutes. Then, let a babysitter access to your home for a short period of time, and then change the core fast so that access is only granted when YOU want it. Great for regular maid service, or even in emergency situations when a key is lost or falls into the wrong hands. Landlords have 27/7 access, especially in emergency situations. Sleep better at night knowing that YOU maintain control of the locks in your home and on your property. Premium cores and keys are also available in high security format. Click here for Products/Pricing...

Features of an IC Lock System at a Glance

  • Be able to quickly change your apartment or house lock (in 10 seconds) without having to call anyone!
  • Cores can be used in deadbolts, padlocks, mortise locks, entry locksets, cam locks, key-in-knob locks, cabinet locks, sliding door locks, electric switch locks, key retainer devices and other locking hardware designed to accept interchangeable cores
  • Easily & securely master key your apartment (or house) to major lock company factory standards
  • Let a babysitter, maid or contractor access to your home/apartment, and then change it fast so that they cannot get in unless you permit!
  • Change your locks with no tools - only a single control key in seconds!
  • Avoid someone‚Äôs house key opening your door (much more common than you may think); Millions of different lock combinations exist with IC
  • Feel secure in your home with full control of who enters with key access
  • Usually reserved for banks, government, military, hospitals, colleges/universities and retail for over 80 years
  • Excellent for landlords and small business owners who must change their locks in a moment's notice (tenant leaves, employee quits)
  • Keys are of a durable nickel-silver alloy and duplication is prohibited
  • Pick-resistant compared to traditional household locks
  • Cost-effective security hardware for the security-conscious residential homeowner
  • High security premium cores and keys are available
  • Why pay over $300 for what ICLS offers for only $99.00?


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Need to set Up an IC System?


Have your system designed by someone who works with all of the major lock manufacturers and teaches this subject nationally!

  • IC System Setup
  • Master Keying System Design
  • Core Combinating
  • Key Cutting & Stamping

- All available. Call for details: (313) 884-9800


Below is a partial list of some of the customers who have purchased from ICLS and use our products:

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Accurate Security Professionals

Acme Architectural Hardware

Advocate Bromenn Medical Center

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All Locks and Doors, Inc.

American Lock & Security

Amity Safe & Lock Company

Ancilla College

ANK Apartment Enterprises, Inc.

Apex Controls

Architectural Supply Company, Inc.

Arizona Western College

Ashland University

Ashland Theological Seminary

Aspen Mountain Medical

Assured Security, Inc.

BEST Access Systems

Bethel College

Biostruct Specialties

Camp Pendleton

Capital Lock, Inc.

Carolinas Health Care System

Caterpillar, Inc.

Central Christian College

Central College

Channel Islands - ANG

China Lake Naval Air Weapons

City of Fort Collins

Colorado School of Mines

Concordia University

Construction Hardware Company

Coppin State University

Crescent Systems

Cumberland Manor Apartments

Customer's Glass

Defense Distribution Depot

Delta Lock Company

D&D Bonded Locksmiths

Department of Energy

Detroit Public School System

Detroit Edison

Door Closer Service, Inc.

Doyle Security Products

Duke University

DynMcDermott Corp.

East-West University of Illinois

Elite Lock & Key

EMCOR Government Services

Enrico Group

Evangel University

FAA/Fort Worth

FBI-Federal Bureau of Investigation

Ferris State University


Fisher & Sons Lock and Key

Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations

Fort Irwin, CA

Fort Polk, LA

Foster Brothers

Freight Watch International

Gappa Security Solutions

Gardner-Webb University

General Motors

Georgia Institute of Technology

Gordmans Department Stores


Greenville College

Grossmont Hospital

Guilford College

Haydon Building Corporation



Illinois Wesleyan University

Inner Court Group

Interline Brands

Iowa Wesleyan College

Ivy Lock Service

Johnson & Wales University

Kaba-ILCO Corporation

KeyJon Apartments


Laughlin Memorial Hospital

Loyola College - Baltimore

Loyola University - Chicago

Lurie Children's Hospital

Marine Corps Children Services

Marshall Best Security, Inc.

Marx Locksmith

Michigan / State of MI Access Ctrl.

Mississippi Safe & Lock

MCAS Miramar

Montgomery County Public Schools

Montclair State University

Mosaic Life Care

NCR Corporation

National Locksmithing Institute

Naval Consolidated Brig

Naval Regional Medical Center

Naval Research and Development

Naval Station, San Diego

New Berlin School District

New York / New Jersey Port Authority

Northwest Safe & Vault Services

Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Oak Ridge National Labs

Patrick Harris Psychiatric Hospital

Penn State University

ProHealth Care, Inc.

Purdue University

Ray's Lock Works, Inc.

Reinhardt University

Rhodes College


Robert's Key Service

Saint Paul Public Schools

San Francisco State University

Sandy Hook Park

Sedona Fire District

Signature Locksmith

South Dakota State University

Southeastern Louisiana University

Spring Hill College

St. Francis Hospital

St. John Hospital System

St. Mary's College

Stargate Lock & Security

Stevens Point Schools

Stony Brook University

Suburban Hospital of Bethesda

Sun Prairie Area School District

SUNY Polytechnic Institute, NY

Superior Hardware Products

Terumo BCT

Texas A&M University - Central TX

Texas Tech University

The Enrico Group

The Locksmith Shoppe

Town Locksmith

Truman State University

Tulane University

Ultimate Parking Management

Ultra Electronics, Inc.

U. S. Naval Ship John Ericsson

U.S. Space Alliance

United States Army

United States Department of Energy

United States Marine Corps

United States Navy

University of Arkansas

University of Buffalo

University of California

University of Central Arkansas

University of North Florida

University of Pittsburgh

University of St. Francis

University of Scranton

University of Texas - Pan American

University of Wisconsin - Madison

University of Wisconsin Hospitals

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Valdosta State University

Valparaiso University

VA Medical Center

Waukesha Memorial Hospital

Wauna-Key Locksmith

Washtenaw Community

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Western New Mexico University

Woods Locksmith

Wyoming State Safe & Lock



Quality & Trust
Home Core Security Products, a division of ICLSglobal, is owned an operated by William M. Lynk, CML, CPS, ICML, CMIL, a Security Expert with interchangeable cores for over 30 years. He has worked with all of the major lock companies, including Yale, Arrow, Corbin Russwin, Medeco, Sargent, Scorpion, KSP and other major lock manufacturers for numerous years, providing tech manuals, and training materials for the Associated Locksmiths of America and works cooperatively with numerous colleges/universities, the Department of Defense, the FBI, and a plethora of other schools, businesses, institutions and government facilities to make them more secure. He is a Certified Master Locksmith, Certified Professional SafeTech with the vision of sharing that background with the concerned homeowner who desires security at a cost-effective price. Here trust aligns with security.

Bumping Locks - The Truth
ICLS will help you to understand the differences between the myths and the truth about "lock bumping." Not only can we explain, but we can also advise. Let us turn lock problems into security solutions. For example, a 7-pin core is much more difficult to "bump" than a standard 5-pin residential lock. The same is true regarding lock picking. An IC offers an increased level of both security and safety for the informed homeowner. see these products>


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