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Residential Products/Pricing


Residential Products/Pricing

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PRICE: $99.00 [Quantity discounts available]


Included in ‘Package A’ is the IC deadbolt in satin chrome finish, one interchangeable core lock, two operating keys and one control key to insert/remove the locking core.




PRICE: $10.00

This is an additional operating key for the interchangeable core lock, shown in ‘Package A’.




PRICE: $48.00 [Quantity discounts available]

This ‘Package B’ includes one interchangeable core lock and two operating keys. It will be keyed different (KD) than the lock in “Package A’ so that you will have an alternate lock for quick changes. It will still work with the control key in “Package A’.




PRICE: $15.00

This is an additional control key used to insert/remove the interchangeable core lock to and from its housing.



PRICE: $34.00 [Quantity discounts available]

This is an additional interchangeable core lock keyed alike (KA) as in ‘Package A’.




PRICE: $55.00 [Quantity discounts available]

This is an extra IC deadbolt without the interchangeable core lock.



PRICE: $24.00 [Quantity discounts available]

This is a Passage Function Leverset. Excellent with the IC Deadbolt. Eliminates accidental lockouts.



PRICE: $42.00 and up [Quantity discounts available]

A wide variety of IC Padlocks are available depending on shackle thickness, shackle length, hasp dimensions and the nature of the application. Check with us on which padlock is most suitable for your situation.



PRICE: $39.00 [Quantity discounts available]

This is a Mortise Cylinder Housing (Shell) for IC. Necessary when retrofitting residential mortise locksets to interchangeable core. Length and cams will vary, based on application.

KRD-2 KRD2 Krd2R


PRICE: $173.00

This Key Retainer Device (KRD) keeps your master keys on premises while authorized individuals do their work. When the authorized person returns the master key, their individual key is released, thus re-locking the master key into the device. Used on rental properties, colleges, universities, hospitals and government buildings. Click here for more information: KRDs


Technical Specifications:

Replacement: Deadbolt will fit into any standard deadbolt prep in wooden or metal doors

Construction: All metal body and cylinder construction with / full 1” throw

Deadbolt Cylinder: Prepped for SFIC allowing for 5, 6 or 7-pin configuration

Passage Leverset: ANSI Standard Grade 3 hardware; Passage function

Backset: Deadlatch utilizes an adjustable backset: 2-3/8” or 2-3/4”

Deadbolt Function: Single deadbolt with / thumbturn; Adjustable backset

Deadbolt Finish: US32 finish (chrome)

Deadbolt Dimensions: Main bore hole: 1-12” (standard deadbolt hole); Latch hole (standard)= 1” x 2-1/4” – Drilling/placement instructions included

Hardware Grade: ANSI Standard Grade 3 hardware for Residential use

Padlocks: Designed for 5-pin, 6-pin or 7-pin small format interchangeable cores

Mortise IC Cylinder: Accepts 5, 6 or 7 pin SFICs; Standard cam; US26D finish; 1-3/8" standard length

Key Composition: Durable nickel-silver alloy for extended life and operating accuracy

Key Generation: All keys are factory originals, not copies, originated on factory equipment

KRDs: Constructed of aircraft aluminum; no exposed screws; stainless steel throw pins; KRD-2 dimensions are: 2¼” high x 4½”long x 2¼” deep & weighs 2 lbs.

Cores: Self-contained locking units that can provide millions of different lock combinations; 6-pin or 7-pin small format interchangeable cores

High Security: Utilizes proprietary keyways with key duplication prohibited

Need to set Up an IC System?


Have your system designed by someone who works with all of the major lock manufacturers and teaches this subject nationally!


  • IC System Setup
  • Master Keying System Design
  • Core Combinating
  • Key Cutting & Stamping

- All available. Call for details: (313) 884-9800


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