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QU-I.C-CHEX - Part # QCT

(Intended for use with 6 or 7 pin cores (but will also work with 5 pin cores)

QCT ...................... $51.00

This tool allows you to eject the pins into the clear viewing tube to visually inspect the pin segments of any chamber for accuracy without worrying about "balancing" the pin stack.  It is easy to safely return the pin stack to the core.  Also useful for transporting pin stacks. Here are some additional features:

  • The Clear View Tube holds the pin stack intact as it is elevated out of the core chamber - once checked it can be simply pushed (usually they fall back naturally) back down into that chamber - or moved for troubleshooting or transfer purposes
  • Has a special light reflective surface to aid viewing
  • Dual chamber indexing pins for positioning stability
  • Contoured to conform to your fingers
  • Grip-Grooves around the outer edge
  • Grip inserts in front and back                                                                                         

Can be used with the core held in your hand or in the QU-I.C-LOAD TOOL

To transfer / transport a pin stack once it is inside the viewing tube of the QU-I.C-CHEX, it will be necessary to tip (or rotate) the core to a more horizontal orientation so that the pins don’t fall out when you separate it from the core.

The QU-I.C-CHEX was designed to work with The Troubleshooting Top chamber grooves on the QU-I.C-TEST Tool. Using the QU-I.C-CHEX you can easily transfer pin stacks from the core and back again when your troubleshooting is complete.


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