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QU-I.C-Key (Pin Stack Calculator)


Part # QKD- 6 or 7  (Dedicated QU-I.C. Key includes Viewing Base; factory-made for YOUR specific system; Universal QU-I.C Key shown below)

QKD-6 .............................$242.00

QKD-7 ............................ $242.00

 [specify A2 or A4; System Codes required]


QKDT (Tool Only)............ $185.00

 [specify QKDT-A2 or QKDT-A4; System Codes required]


The "QU-I.C-KEY" [with two versions] makes "doing the math" for pin segment calculations on an interchangeable core system (small format-figure 8) a snap…actually fun! Imagine having all of the calculations for every code in an A2 or A4 (5,6 or 7 pin) system in the palm of your hand - no math skills required; no pen and paper necessary; no slide charts; no computer programs; no power needed (except for a twist of your wrist) and no paper records to store or destroy. Every calculation clearly displayed in a highly visual manner incorporating a truly innovative color coded system.The QU-I.C-KEY Viewing Base allows only the necessary information to be visible by displaying only one core or key code at a time.  This helps to maintain focus and eliminates time consuming errors and unnecessary mistakes. The effectiveness of this device is greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with the companion color coded "QU-I.C-LOAD" tool - together greatly increasing productivity and virtually eliminating errors. 


There are two versions of this ingenious tool: 


  • The Dedicated QU-I.C-KEY which is created by the manufacturer for ONE SPECIFIC Keying System. You supply the information to us and it is produced.
  • The Universal QU-I.C-KEY which allows you to create the system yourself. Use it over and over. Though more time-consuming to construct, it works well for the end-user who may have many small systems to combinate.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION – The QU-I.C-KEY is designed to make combinating faster and easier.  It puts every pin segment calculation for your entire system in the palm of your hand.  Each color-coded wheel on the QU-I.C-KEY represents a chamber in your core.  Each chamber wheel has six sections.  The one that is solid colored with only a large and small subscript number (in the lower right hand corner) is referred to as the Home Row - it identifies the system.  The large number represents the Grandmaster code and the small number is the Control code:

COMBINATING INSTRUCTIONS - Rotate each QU-I.C-KEY chamber wheel to the operating code you desire for your core.  Slide your QU-I.C-KEY into its Viewing Base so it displays only the operating code and correct pin stack calculations you need.  The small circles with numbers in them represent the pin segments that you need to put in your core - shown as a visually correct stack.  The white circle represents the bottom pin segment and the gold-tone circles represent the top pins.  The QU-I.C-KEY is color coded to be used with the QU-I.C-LOAD Tool.  If you are combinating without the aid of the QU-I.C-LOAD Tool begin combinating with the red chamber (#1 chamber) at the back of the core.










If your QU-I.C-KEY contains sections marked “RC” it has been prepared for systems that use the Rotating Constant method of master keying.  These calculations are also useful when doing “direct to” combinating.KEY CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS – When cutting operating keys, use the larger numbers next to the circles that you just used to combinate.  You can cut grandmaster (top master) keys by rotating the wheels to the LARGE numbers in the solid colored space.  The control code is also displayed (small numbers) in this position and can be used for key cutting.  For convenience, the entire QU-I.C-KEY and Base can be moved from the combinating area to your key cutting area.  Red is always the tip cut.


Universal QU-I.C-Key!


The time has now arrived for the introduction of the Universal QU-I.C-Key! Remove and replace the numbers as needed from the supplied notebook. Create the QU-I.C-Key that you need for your varied systems - over and over again!


QKU-A2 .... $456.00

 [No System Codes required] (Color-coded tool with viewing base & Universal binder with A2 codes)


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