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Spy Shield

A NEW Spy-Proof Security Shroud for Alarm Lock Trilogy and Marks For those institutions that require higher levels of security and confidentiality protection! Protects Personal Identification Numbers (PIN’s) from being stolen by unauthorized persons and/or authorized persons attempting to use someone else’s PIN to "confuse" an audit trail equipped lock.

trillogy spy shield trillogy spy shield

Part # SPSS-1

SPSS-628............................ $142.00 (Anodized Aluminum Finish - 628)

SPSS-630............................ $165.00 (Stainless Steel Finish - 630)


Description: The SPSS-1 provides a relatively normal, unobstructed view for the authorized user. Protect your user codes from unauthorized access. The shield is made from heavy gauge aluminum and is aesthetic as well as functional. Also serves as an effective shield against the elements - rain, ice, dust and dirt. Made of one piece heavy gauge, formed and welded stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance. Slightly angled top to eliminate cigarette holding and burn marks on the door. The Shroud is aesthetic as well as functional. It has an unobtrusive contoured profile. This shroud also serves as an effective shield against the elements - rain, ice, dust and dirt. Available in two finishes (price difference).

Dimensions: 5-1/2" length; 3-3/8" width; 2-3/4" depth

Compatibility: Compatible with DK3000, DL (All), ET (All) Standard PIN and Proximity versions.

Installation: Independent from the actual lockset. No need to modify the normal Trilogy installation procedure to use this security accessory when installing a new lock. Upgrade existing installations in only a few minutes. Can be quickly and easily retrofitted on existing locksets. You don’t have to disturb or remove anything to install. Securely mounts directly to the door with (2) supplied #12 stainless steel phillips head screws.


The picture below shows the Trilogy without SPSS-1 (Keypad completely visible).

trillogy spy shield

The next picture shows the same lock with SPSS-1 installed to protect keypad visibility.

trilogy spy shield


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