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Part # QTJ

QTJ ....................... $65.00

2-in-1 tool that combines a full size, custom tip tweezer with an ejector pin that can tamp down or eject pins segments.  A real time saver - no need for a separate ejector pin.

Have you ever been combinating interchangeable cores and wished you had three hands? An all too common scenario: you’re pinning a core - you need to "tap" down a pin stack or push one out because the wrong pin "mysteriously" got into a chamber - you put down your tweezers and search for the "elusive" ejector pin tool and it’s nowhere in sight - you get unnecessarily distracted and lose track of where you were at on the core.

The "Tweez-jector" solves that problem by integrating the two most used combinating tools into one convenient tool.

Simply flip your "Tweez-jector" around (like a rock band drummer twirling his sticks) when you need to switch from pinning (tweezers) to troubleshooting (ejector pin) mode.



  • DO NOT HAMMER the ejector pin that is attached to your precision tweezers. It is intended to be used for non-force purposes only. Use a standard ejector pin tool for de-capping a core.
  • These tweezers are custom ground and hand honed to facilitate handling even the smallest master pins.


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