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Welcome to ICLS

—›Factory-Direct Rep for KRDs and sold to BEST and distributors across the country.

ICLS [Interchangeable Core Lock Systems] Global is the primary source for Interchangeable Core products and is the International Distributor of Interchangeable Core Security Products, IC Key Retainer Devices (KRDs) and IC Servicing Tools - engineered and manufactured with quality and security as our main focus. ICLS is, and has been, THE factory-direct distributor with the lowest end-user prices for over a decade. ICLS primarily services intuitional, commercial, industrial and government accounts nationwide.

Our IC Tools & IC Key Retainer Devices [KRDs], all American-made, are fresh, simple, yet innovative  top-quality servicing tools. Intended for the the locksmith, security personnel and various end-users, these items have been carefully crafted to meet the rising need for quality cost-effectiveness, security and productivity within the workplace. And, with global security a paramount concern, ICLS has risen to the occasion by offering a variety of products and tools that have now become industry standards and "must-haves" for both small and large companies, as well as qualified individuals, throughout the world.  We have proudly supplied these quality tools , locks and products to the U.S. Government, the U.S. Military, as well as to colleges/universities, commercial, industrial, institutional and retail businesses throughout the country. Manufactured within the United States, ICLS has been the the oldest and most prominent full-line distributor of these qulity products for over a 15 years!

ICLS, owned and operated by William M. Lynk, CML, CPS, ICML, M.Ed., has attained a global presence through providing international lock manufacturers with interchangeable core technical manuals, as well as security-conscious institutions with IC Key Retainer Devices, tools and interchangeable cores made right here in the USA. Find Out more >

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First time since 2010!

(Effective: January 1, 2018)

Most manufacturers increase prices based on various factors, and they may do it every year or two. Ultra Security/ICLS has been able to keep our costs & prices in line over the past 8 years with NO INCREASES, unheard of in the industry! We have done that through conscientious marketing, no printed catalogs, smart inventory control & optimum raw material decisions. ALL of our products are still manufactured right here in the USA and, as you know, with fast delivery.

Please accept our modest price increase so we may be able to continue to provide you with the best service & products that we have been successfully offering for over 15 years.

-Bill Lynk, Owner, ICLS


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