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Part # QLT-6 or QLT-7                         Part # QTT-1


QLT-6 (for 6-pin cores)....... $206.00 


QLT-7 (for 7-pin cores)....... $206.00 


QTT........................ $258.00 



The "QU-I.C-LOAD Block Tool" is designed to work with the "QU-I.C-TEST Tool." Utilizes .150" Spacing.


           QU-I.C-LOAD Tool:

This tool holds the core during combinating and provides color-coded, visual chamber identifiers that match the QU-I.C-KEY pin segment calculator.  This provides constant orientation, greatly reduces errors and speeds production.

  • QU-I.C-LOAD Tool is user-friendly, compact in size and easy to handle because it has sure-grip inserts on all sides and the bottom.

  • Solid one-piece, lightweight aluminum body, black anodized and hardened for durability. Designed to visually contrast with nickel silver, brass and colored pin segments.

  • QLT 5, 6 and 7-pin models are available to accommodate all existing manufacturer's SFIC - Small Format Interchangeable Cores including the ULTRA Core.

  • This tool includes the unique Color Coded Chamber Identifiers. One set on the top loading surface and another on the hi-visibility ejector ramp at the bottom which eliminates "blind" searching for the right chamber to de-combinate. This direct access to the de-combination holes also eliminates alignment problems caused by manufacturing variances when using different brands of cores. Standard ejector pin tools can be used with the "QU-I.C-LOAD" Tool.

  • Although this tool was originally developed to be a companion to the "QU-I.C-KEY" system pin segment calculator (with corresponding Chamber Color Coding) it can be used independently.

  • This tool provides a flat surface with edge guards to catch "stray" pin segments. When combinating, these features help to make pin segment "landing" and insertion much easier than using the rounded surface of the core.

  • An integral Pin Catcher Cavity aids during the pin ejection process.  (Ideally, you won't have to use this very often!)  The left end of this cavity contains a Pin Positioning Pocket for those who like to orient the pin segment a particular way in their tweezers before the actual insertion step.

Optional:  We also offer the "Tweez-jector" tool. This convenient and time saving device is a combination of special tweezers and an ejector tool that also functions as a pin tamper and manual control lug activator.

  • A convenient core push-out port also provides clear access to the back of the core when it is necessary to manually move the control lug in or out.  (This is only necessary when troubleshooting and ejecting pins.)

  • A spring-loaded ball device helps to retain the core and prevents accidental slip-out while handling.

Yes, at first this tool will seem "ALIEN" because it is so different than anything that has ever been used before. We suggest that you allow a period of time to familiarize yourself with it and all of its features. As with any new tool it takes time to develop a "feel" for it - so put it into use and experience how efficient it will make your job of working with interchangeable cores. Beware because soon you'll find that you won't want to combinate cores without your "QU-I.C-LOAD" tool.


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