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Test Tool


QU-I.C-TEST Tool & QU-I.C-Load Tool

Part # QTT-1                              Part # QLT- 6 or QLT- 7

QTT............................ $258.00


QLT-6 (for 6-pin cores)..... $206.00


QLT-7 (for 7-pin cores)..... $206.00 



The "QU-I.C-LOAD Block Tool" is designed to work with the "QU-I.C-TEST Tool. Utilizzes .150" Spacing.


           QU-I.C-TEST Tool:

This revolutionary tool is primarily used with the QU-I.C-LOAD Tool and allows you to test combinated cores before you cap them.  It applies temporary spring pressure to all chambers so you can test every key.  If a mistake has been made, you can correct the error while it is easy to do, without having to punch out and waste any pins, caps or springs.  If all the keys work properly, you can then permanently cap the core with complete confidence.  .150 spacing

Note:  This tool MUST be used with the QLT: QU-I.C-LOAD Tool or the QTA: QU-I.C-TEST Adapter.


QU-I.C-TEST Tool: The following series of pictures shows how  this tool works.

After all pin segments have been inserted  you just place this tool onto the top of the     "QU-I.C-LOAD" block.

The "QU-I.C-TEST" tool is universal.  Working with BEST, Falcon, Arrow, Peaks, Schlage SFIC, Medeco KeyMark, KSP and others.  It works on 5-pin, 6-pin and 7-pin cores as well as partially capped cores that are being recombinated.

The unique "trumpet keys" will visually indicate any chamber(s) that may have a problem with proper initial pin seating.  With a simple push on them the pin stacks are moved to their normal resting point.

With the two units coupled, temporary spring pressure is applied in all chambers so you can test every key.  If a problem occurs you can correct it while it's easy to do - without having to punch out any caps and springs.  If the core works properly you can then cap it with total confidence.

Additional features:

  • Compact and lightweight with built-in storage cavities located under end plate
  • Top of tool has color coded chamber slots, caliper groove, pin pocket and docking area (see "QU-I.C-CHEX" tool)
  • All sides have grip surfaces for ease in handling


QTA......................... $98.00 

QU-I.C-TEST Adapter

When this adapter is attached to the original "QU-I.C-TEST" Tool you can test the operation of your cores without having to insert them into the companion "QU-I.C-LOAD" Tool.

  • Adapter includes grip inserts, tactile grooves and a "never gets lost" captive screw for ease of use and installation.
  • It can be installed and removed in seconds.  One button head hex cap screw holds it firmly in place. 
  • It's NOT permanent!  Put it on... Take it off... as often as you desire!

View of Adapter attached to the "QU-I.C-TEST" Tool

This now allows those that combinate by holding the core in their hand (if not holding it in the "QU-I.C-LOAD" Tool) a quick and easy way to test their combinated cores before they cap them.

The thumb screw, shown in the insert photo, has two functions.  It holds the core retainer plate onto the "QU-I.C-TEST" Tool and it is also used to add and remove the adapter.  The specially machined, properly sized hex tip is always available because it is stored on the "QU-I.C-TEST" Tool. You will never have to look for your allen (hex) wrench set. It is always available when you need it!  

"QU-I.C-TEST" Tool and its adapter works with all BEST, Falcon, Schlage SFIC, Medeco Keymark, Arrow, Peaks, and KSP cores.  

"QU-I.C-TEST" Tool and its adapter works with all BEST, Falcon, Schlage SFIC, Medeco Keymark, Arrow, Peaks, and KSP cores.  

Additional special cores can be checked by using the optional four-sided turret core retainer plate shown in the photo to the right.  The core being tested here is a BEST dust cover core.  This special turret plate allows ample clearance for the dust cover to be lifted and the core's plug accessed for proper testing. 

The four-sided turret core retainer plate (seen above) converts the standard "QU-I.C-TEST" Tool to allow use with more specialized Interchangeable cores.

This custom plate is for use with: BEST Dust Cover Cores with three spare sides for your future custom needs.


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